COAT Inc. Management Committee

President and International Director (Founder, Visionary and CEO of COAT): Ethne Linda Shum


She first visited the Jiaozuo Social Welfare Institute in April 1998 with another organisation that was partnering with the Welfare Institute.  She fell in love with the children and vowed to work hard to improve their living conditions.


In those days, many babies did not survive and those who did spent most days in a crib or tied to a chair.  When the other organisation was unable to continue their work at the Welfare Institute, Linda felt led to establish an organisation to continue working with the children in Jiaozuo.


As a result, COAT Inc. was established in 2000 to take over the role of finding sponsors to provide on-site training for workers, and enlisting teams to go to care for the orphans and complete special projects.


Since 1998, Linda has travelled to China many times and continues to raise much needed funding to keep Eagles Wings running.

Committee Members for the China Unit:

Han Gao Ji (Director)

Linda Shum and Margaret Mason  (Vice Directors)

Gu Xiao Guang and Michelle Baumgartner  (Committee Members)

Committee Members for Australia Unit:

Linda Shum  (President)

Michelle Baumgartner  (Vice President)

An Le Bacq  (Secretary)

Michael Mayberry  (Treasurer)

Carolyn Wood and Michelle Baumgartner  (Directors of Education)


Glad Brennan, Margaret Mason, Gu Xiao Guang, Christopher Plummer, Lesleigh Dwyer, Joan O'Shea, Frank Le Bacq, Elva Kayes, Colleen Ferris, Lisa Ash, Lisa Tritton, Louise Stone-Schmidt, Chris Jones,   



What is the role of our Management Committee?

COAT Inc. Management Committee provides the oversight for all COAT projects, including Eagles Wings China Foster Homes; Xi Wang Le Yuan Education Project; Vocational Training Projects and Meng Lin Er Tong Jia Yuan.  

As well as overseeing the various projects, the Management Committee is responsible for all sponsorships and fundraising, volunteer applications and for records and reporting to our partners at Global Development Group and AusAID that allow COAT Inc. to have tax deductible status in Australia.

COAT UK Sub-Committee

Our COAT UK office manages fund raising, advocacy and sponsors in the United Kingdom and Europe.  Chris Plummer established COAT as a UK company and Charity in 2012. (Registered UK Company No. 7073250 - Registered UK Charity No. 1144800)


COAT UK Director: Chris Plummer


COAT UK Treasurer: Marie Yeo


COAT UK Secretary: Linda Edwards


COAT UK Committee Members: Meng Plummer and Karyn Smyth



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