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Welcome home Xin Yi!

XinYi arrived home from Kunming last month and was welcomed into our homes at Eagles Wings. She is the youngest member of our Eagles Wings family at present. She has already started in our Little Learners Class and quickly wins over everyone who meets her, with her cute smile and calm nature.

XinYi was born with a congenital right club foot and amniotic banding on her left foot and both hands. She stole the heart of one of our September 2015 volunteers, Queensland physiotherapist Andrea McLaren. Andrea saw XinYi in the orphanage and was touched by the fact that she had little or no access to treatment that would enable her to learn to walk as she grew. Andrea returned to her home town and began searching for local treatment facilities and fundraise for her treatment. After much work, Andrea came across the work of Iris Lohan (details at the bottom of this post) in Kunming. Andrea continues to raise funds for XinYi's treatment and you can donate via her GoFundMe page titled "Help XinYi walk".

After XinYi returned to Jiaozuo, we arranged for her to come to our Eagles Wings Homes to ensure that her brace is worn correctly and her treatment continues as required. XinYi needs to wear her brace for 22 hours each day and will be reviewed by the team in Kunming in June. We are hopeful that she will be adopted quickly to enable her easy access to further treatment that will be required until she is around the age of 5 years.

XinYi's adoption file is currently being prepared and will be available through CCAI for International Adoption.

For information about the Kunming Clubfoot Project, please contact: Partners in Hope, Inc. Kunming office - 希望之侣机构(美国)昆明办事处 Golden Park Complex H-702, Shizha Interchange, Panlong District, Kunming, Yunnan, China Office Phone: (86) 0871 6573 6909 Clubfoot Project Director: Iris Lohan Phone: (86) 0871-6823 2418, Cell: (86) 135 7708 3179, Email:

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