QI MING XING (Morning Star)


The vision for this project is to provide training in vocational / business skills to disabled youths, to enable them a hope and a future. The production of goods and consequent profits is secondary to the value of the learning experience.  


The short-term goal of this project is to provide an introduction to work and business skills through hands-on-learning. This is achieved step-by-step as the trainee participants work together with the Vocational Training team to establish a business plan, research production options, source materials and fabricate items for sale. The trainees will learn to label and package items for distribution to sellers and be responsible for accounting for expenses and income. Trainees will be guided to use good business management skills in allocating any profits back into resources and profit-distribution.


The long-term goals of this project are to provide the participants with the necessary skills to be able to be employed in main-stream businesses within the community, or to provide them with the skills and knowledge to successfully operate their own business.


Participants also learn vital skills for living as independent adults - health, finances, shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning etc.  The older children have their own bank accounts and are encouraged to save money earned through their projects.


Projects to date include learning to sew to create Bunting and bed linen; production of carry bags; production of hair accessories; sale of local Chinese souvenirs; a small snack shop near the bus stop outside the Orphanage building; production and sale of greetings cards.


Two of our older boys are now working in delivery and IT roles within Meng Lin.  Two of our older girls run a small snack shop.  A successful grant application in 2016 will enable us to set up a more permanent shop for the girls.


To purchase items from our Vocational Training Program, please visit our store.  All profits go back into the program or directly to the children involved.

The director of Vocational Training is XiaoGuang (who is also our MengLin director).  He is supported by a great team with different skills - FangFang, YongQiang, ShuShu and several of our ayis.