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Our Team

Linda Shum (Founder/CEO/President/Visionary), first visited the Jiaozuo Children’s Welfare Institution in Henan Province in 1998.

Since then, Linda has travelled to China many times and continues to raise much-needed funding to keep Eagles Wings Foster Homes and a Special Needs School running. COAT inc is exactly that. A team of many people with many skills has gathered around Linda to make an amazing difference to children in the welfare system. 

Our amazing team ministers to all the people who are involved, including sponsors, staff, volunteers, and of course the abandoned and disabled children given to us to raise and educate in our loving homes and our special school.

What is the role of our Management Committee?

Chinese Orphans Assistance Team Inc (COAT Inc) in Australia provides oversight for our foundation’s projects in China.

Eagles Wings China Foster Homes Project
Xi Wang Le Yuan Education School Project
Meng Lin Er Tong Jia Yuan (a registered non-profit organisation)

As well as overseeing other fundraising and advocacy projects managed by COAT UK in the United Kingdom and Spain.
The Management Committee is also responsible for all sponsorships and fundraising, volunteer applications, and for records and reporting to our partners at Global Development Group and AusAID that allow COAT Inc. to have tax-deductible status in Australia/USA and New Zealand.

Meng Lin Er Tong Jia Yuan "Linda’s Dream Children’s Homes” is our registered NGO in China established initially to provide a family environment for children from the Social Welfare Institute and from other orphanages in Jiaozuo, in which to grow, be nurtured, and loved, and learn skills for independent living. 

Since 2013, the school set up by this organization has been a registered special school offering education to children with special needs. The children come from COAT foster homes (Eagles Wings), local families whose disabled children have not previously been able to attend school, local foster families and the Jiaozuo Social Welfare Institute (orphanage).  

Our COAT UK office manages fundraising, advocacy, and sponsors in the United Kingdom and Europe. COAT UK was registered as a UK company and as a charity in 2011.

Chinese Orphans Assistance Team (COAT)
A Non-Government Organisation with registered charities in Australia, UK and China
COAT Australia Unit

Chinese Orphans Assistance Team Inc (COAT Inc)

Registered Australian Charity

ABN 52431288031.

COAT United Kingdom Unit

Chinese Orphans Assistance Team UK (COAT UK).

Registered UK Company No. 7073250.
Registered UK Charity 1144800.

COAT China Unit

Meng Lin Ertong Jia Yuan (焦作市梦琳儿童家园) 

Registered Charity No: 524108000822275736N

at the Social Welfare Jiaozuo Department of Civil Affairs, Henan, China

Committee Members 

Michelle Baumgartner
(President & Director of Education)

An Le Bacq 

Michael Mayberry 

Carolyn Wood 
(Director of Education)

Linda Shum

Gladys Brennan
Margaret Mason
Joan O'Shea
Louise Stone-Schmidt
(Committee Members)

Committee Members 

Carolina Cardona 

Christopher Plummer 

Meng Plummer
(Committee Members)

Committee Members 

Han Gao Ji

Gu Xiao Guang

Zhang Ying
(Director & Principal of Xi Wang Le Yuan)


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