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Xi Wang Le Yuan

("School Place of Hope & Happiness")

Giving education to children with disabilities from the orphanage and local families with low income

In 2001, we had a donation of AUS $1,000 to employ one teacher for one year. It took a lot of negotiations before we were allowed to begin. The aim was also to allow these children, as much as possible, to be part of China's future as this great nation takes its place.

The COAT School became official in 2003 with the grand opening ceremony attended by several important officials from the Jiaozuo Government.

Since that time, we have had many trials and many victories as we negotiate the children’s needs while staying within the policies of the Communist party. The Jiaozuo Department of Civil Affairs is very supportive and very proud of what they call “their” school. The truth is, it is a joint effort between the Department of Civil Affairs and our registered Chinese charity unit they named Meng Lin Ertong Jia Yuan (Linda’s Dream Children’s Homes).

The Chinese government has given us generous grants to provide all the things we need in our homes and our school. The Australian Embassy in Beijing has also given us generous grants over the years.All we have to do now is raise funds to pay the wages of our 30 staff.This has been quite difficult for the last two years because Covid 19 has prevented us from reaching our target of AU$27,000 (US$ 20,000)per month just to pay the wages.

In 2014, enrolment of the school had grown to accommodate children from Eagles Wings Foster Homes, local foster homes, children from various floors of the orphanage, and some disabled children from local families.

In 2021, with a rise in strength from the Communist Party, we are having to comply with their policies more and more. We are doing our best to circumnavigate this for the sake of the children. We are glad that we are a registered charity in China as a unit because relationships between other countries and China have weakened making our position in China a little precarious. But we soldier on for the sake of the children.

Principal of Xi Wang Le Yuan 
(School Place of Hope & Happiness) 

Zhang Ying came to Eagles Wings to work as a translator in 2008. Since then her impact has been felt throughout all our homes as she willingly and tirelessly works to implement the Eagles Wings vision. Zhang Ying qualified as a teacher and has a number of other academical diplomas.

In 2011, Zhang Ying was asked to take on the role of Principal of Xi WangLe Yuan. She is married with two children. Zhang Ying's passion for education has been fuelled by our training, Particularly from Michelle Baumgartner who is our Director of Education. We are very blessed to have Zhang Ying as part of our team.

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