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Eagles Wings Foster Homes

FengYao and Zi Xiu 17th birthday party_e
Providing a loving family environment to orphaned children

Eagles Wings Foster Homes have been set up, not just as an alternative accommodation arrangement for our abandoned children but a place they can call 'home'. They give the children a place to belong with "Aunties" as they live together. Each home is a model of family life where the children grow up with their 'siblings', learning and living and "doing life" together. These children are no longer orphans - they have an extended family, including sponsors, who love and care for them.

Our foster homes are called “Eagles Wings” because we want the children to rise higher above the storms of life. The project enables children to reach developmental milestones and receive the extra love and care that they need to thrive.

Director of Eagles Wings Foster Homes

Our homes are overseen by our very skilful Director of Homes, Lou Huan. She has been working for COAT since 2006. 

Lou Huan is known to the children as 'jiejie' or 'older sister'. She manages her staff, health care and is basically 'mama' to all our Eaglets. We would be lost without her.

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