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Eagles Wings is a project run by Chinese Orphans Assistance Team Inc. (COAT) in conjunction with an orphanage in the Henan Province in China.  The project incorporates family group foster homes, education and vocational training programs for abandoned and disabled children.


You can help by praying, by giving, by advocating.  Information regarding making tax deductible donations or regular sponsorship is found on our sponsorship and donations pages.  If you want to see how the children in our care are going, please follow us on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) 


Some of our children are available for adoption.  COAT and Eagles Wings have NO role in the adoption process other than preparing paperwork as requrested by the orphanage.  Once a child is matched with an adoptive family we prepare the child for joining their new family.  Families interested in adoption should contact the relevant adoption agencies in their local area.  Most adoptions for our children are completed through CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption International).  Adoption may not be available in all countries. A few children are in the pipeline for adoption as I write this, but I have been told that only local adoptions will be done from this orphanage in the future.


We are located in far North Henan Province, central China.  


This is not at all a tourist area: in a population of roughly 3.5 million people, there area only a handful of foreigners.  Very few people speak English, but the people are very friendly.


The economy here is primarily agricultural and many people live in their traditional villages.  While the city seems big by western standards, it is small for a Chinese city and fairly poor.


This is REAL China ... Henan has a huge population, most of which are peasants. It has much poverty, much pollution, much corruption, millions of Christians and much persecution. God must call you, or you will not cope.


                                                                               Privacy Policy

COAT Inc. (Chinese Orphans Assistance Team Inc.) complies with the ACFID Code of Conduct and Australian Privacy Principles (effective from 12 March 2014) because the privacy of our children, staff, supporters and volunteers is important to us.


Any personal information you give to us and/or our authorised project partner (MengLin Er Tong Jia Yuan) and/or Global Development Group will be used only for processes required by law viz

  • to record fundraising and/or donation information

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  • or as otherwise required by law




We will not disclose your personal information to any third parties except to the relevant authorised project partners as listed above.  We will not sell your personal information to third parties nor will we disclose or transfer it to any third party except in the case of companies (e.g. Global Development Group) that process any donations or payments you may make towards our projects, or for products or services.


We will also take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is not disclosed to any unauthorised person within our own organisation and/or project partners or made vulnerable to unauthorised access by third parties.  We will not disclose personal information over the telephone.


We will destroy/remove all our records of your personal information once we no longer need it e.g. because:

  • the number or amount of donation you authorised has been completed

  • you have requested that no further monies be deducted

  • you have requested that documents relating to your application to volunteer be destroyed

  • you have requested that your information be removed


Apart from secure pages such as our donation page/link and shop, the internet is not a secure system and the privacy and security of personal information transmitted across it cannot be guaranteed.


Although we reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy, these changes will not be applied retrospectively.  We cannot give any undertakings about the privacy policies of any third party website (other than Global Development Group) that contain links to this site or to which this site contains links.