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Eagles Wings provides 100% of care for each child in foster care.  In order to provide for basic living expenses, including around the clock staffing, each child requires $500 in monthly sponsorship.


Children who attend our school, Xi Wang Le Yuan (Place of Hope and Happiness) require $100 for education per month.


All staff members require sponsorship in order to cover monthly wages including pension and insurance.  Wages per staff member are $600 per month.


You may sponsor a child or staff member from as little as $10 per month.  Just go to our Donation Page to get started today.


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Eagles Wings is a non-profit volunteer organization funded by individuals and businesses with a heart for orphans and a conviction that helping children become productive adults is a good investment for the future.


Will you consider a one time donation? Donations can be made by credit card, on-line donations through partner organisations or direct credit via bank transfer. All donations in Australia, the UK and the USA are tax deductible.

COAT Inc (ABN 52 431 288 031) is an income tax exempt charity. Gifts over $2 to our project-partners Global Development Group (GDG: ABN 57 102 400 993) for preferred Project J587 are tax deductible in Australia; in the USA, through our partner Love Without Boundaries; and in the United Kingdom, through our sub-committee COAT UK (Registered Company No. 7573250 - Registered Charity 1144800).  Note that only development activities are carried out by the GDG-approved development project, and that if excess funds are received they may be applied to other approved project activities.  

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