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Updates on our Eaglets

Our Chinese directors send us updates of each child on a regular basis - I thought I would share some of our little stars with you.

Meet Ma Rong Guang he came to us as a tiny, sickly baby several years ago. He has just turned three. It has been incredible to watch the transformation in this little boy, especially in the last 15 months as he began attending school in our Little Learners Class.


In the last 6 months in particular, he has learnt to crawl quickly and walk with the help of pusher, he also shuffles along on his bottom while seated! He can now easily pull himself up to standing using furniture or toys.

At home and at school, he is learning to feed himself ... he's a bit messy yet as he drops a lot, but he's doing well. He's learning to put his shoes on ... it's a tricky task, but he'll get there. He knows where they belong!

Rong Guang LOVES music - he likes to play on the toy drums and he moves his body in time with the music and is a super cute groover. He plays well with his peers and can understand some simple words and sentences. He is learning to point to his body parts and clap hands by copying his teachers. He responds to his name and is beginning to sort blocks according to shape.

He is super cute as the following photos show ...


Ma Rong Guang is currently in our Little Learners Class on the 9th floor but we are hopeful that he will move to the Beginners Class on the 7th floor sometime this month. We love him to bits and think he's a superstar!

Ruo An is Ma Rong Guang's class mate. He turned two at the end of last year and is an adorable little man. He has grown and developed so much since he began coming to school and joined us at Eagles Wings.

His development is very close to developmental norms - he learnt to crawl, walk and now run with us. He is learning to jump! He now feeds himself (mostly without spillage), put on his own shoes and is learning to put on his own clothes as well.

Ruo An LOVES fruit, especially bananas. He likes to play with other children but sometimes he takes toys and books from his peers or foster sibling (like most 2 year olds!). He doesn't speak much yet but can understand many things and follows instructions well. He is interested in everything and likes to touch things (again, like most 2 year olds!).

At school, Ruo An can point to his body parts, can clap his hands and stomp his feet to music. He repeats simple words. He sorts blocks according to shape. He is a very good little boy and is happy most of the time. He loves outings, playing outside and going to the markets to choose snacks. He's another of our superstar Little Learner Eaglets!

Paperwork is not completed yet for these boys but it is planned that it will be done this year ... keep an eye out for their files if you are looking for a wonderful new son.

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